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Software Process Engineering

Software process engineering is about defining design & development processes that improve the efficiency of software production and overall quality.

TOGAF, Rational Unified Process © (RUP) and OpenUP define the most commonly used development processes frameworks but are intended to be tailored. To gain the most value for a particular company or larger project these standards need to be customised and extended. For example: to integrate with other company processes, remove unnecessary activities or add project specific guidelines and samples.


The OMG’s Software Engineering Process Metamodel (SPEM) coupled with the Eclipse Process Framework (EPF) allows these process customizations to be incorporated in a maintainable way and then published for team use.


MGH Solutions has extensive experience of identifying where the standard processes could be customised to provide the most benefit. Using our knowledge of both SPEM and EPF we can incorporate these tailored processes and make them available for company or project wide use.

OpenUP Construction Iteration
OpenUp Architect Role
Open Unified Process